[Athen] Printing LiveScribe dot paper

Matson, Eric (ecmatson at uidaho.edu) ecmatson at uidaho.edu
Tue Jan 15 10:04:38 PST 2019

Thanks Neal. Looks like scaling it up to 105% made it work.

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For printing Dot Paper, you have to scale up the printing for the dots to be readable by the pen.
When you are in printing set-up, set the Custom Scale to 105%. It is not going to be perfect, usually the page numbers get cut off slightly, but the dot paper works with this method. Hopefully this works well for you!

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We tried it once with our colored laser printer and found it took a long time and likely can't compete with the Livescribe books you can purchase.

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Hey all,

I’ve been working with our IT department to be able to print LiveScribe dot paper, but not having any luck. Has anyone managed to get this to work and have any pointers?


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