[Athen] Celebrate Ed Roberts’ Birthday

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Upon learning that Roberts had a severe disability, one of the UC Berkeley deans on the admissions committee commented, "We've tried cripples before and it didn't work."

Pioneering Civil Rights Activist Edward Verne Roberts (January 23, 1939 – March 14, 1995) was the first student with severe disabilities to attend the University of California Berkely. Building on his experience in establishing access and supports as a student he went on to become the father of the Independent Living movement.

Yolanda Vargas reflects on the impact of Ed Roberts’ mentoring in her and others' lives and shares some great tips for being a mentor or mentee:

More resources on Ed Roberts at http://yodisabledproud.org/ed-roberts-day/

Caption: Don Galloway, Manager of Blind Services, and Ed Roberts, Executive Director of the fledgling Center for Independent Living.

(Image: A 1974 black & white photo of 2 men on Berkely's Campus. A black man in a dashiki holding the guide dog harness of a German Shepherd is walking beside a white man with a beard and long hair wearing a button down shirt and using a wheelchair.


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