[Athen] Texthelp EquatIO Webinar (I'm co-presenting - you'll want to sign up!)

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 25 12:45:59 PST 2019

Happy Friday, Colleagues!

It's been a crazy-busy month I'm sure for all of us. But I wanted to alert you to a free webinar you may want to attend on February 7th.

For a little history, I was at Accessing Higher Ground in November 2018 and happened to wander in to a presentation by TextHelp regarding their new EquatIO product. Not completely new, it's been around a year or so, but new developments have occurred, and a product I would have never even tried has now become part of my alternate format production toolbox. I haven't been this excited about a new technology in years.

EquatIO has the potential to cut production time for accessible math materials by 2/3rds or more. Even more importantly, using EquatIO to produce math content for students no longer will require a math expert to make the math accessible. Game-changer! I know I've talked about this product the lists several times over the last couple of months, but here's your chance to learn more, and hear more from me. I do not work for TextHelp, and I understand this webinar will also have some sales pitch in it, but I do encourage you to attend and learn more about the product and what it may mean for you.

The webinar is free, but you must sign up at this link: https://text.help/SKC9vk<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1Z3zds4FA0UMP_yeB1xEFcppgQelRkf91XhBl2Ms6UbtN_eyvy9R0MvZdoJOJAU2HE_k6ycTon6kCaLSfkV4iSzLq6F-c6sulap6jeYzFuG9tVQO5li1T-QJPPN8r-teTX69VFYnHFm0fV9GPdNshxPaT67yfb7Gp3NS6EqgqPLQKMuZDmPn5hgbZR5qYJftWr5t1PosH0NQ1JA4cqPlwKJu6B9YJwTkp-d9IPtCqip6vFfXtSxXF48xMh-tZ1-Dmu7yd2-WOOJjS420Uz334l16g5wWxNtToVQbAQBykWif94b92_5eZXfbEkCCE-SYYkFElrrScDg68Yt7Hhn-PYGXZaYvfOxXTvDsSQWrbcYYIJQtiP7SLJDE3AOhu0WjYcCo9pYTxnkYZ3DIAIDXCD7aqe8x2eczwMoDc-6wAEbPtRityC9Aw4PWeDbfoqPeUgvwo_VS5iI0dDfVcvr2G_w/https%3A%2F%2Ftext.help%2FSKC9vk>

Date: Thursday, February 7th
Time: 2:00 p.m. CST (3 p.m. EST, 1 p.m. MST, Noon PST)

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Production Program Manager
Disability Services
University of Colorado Boulder

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