[Athen] Question about Computer Science accessibility software

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I'd suggest Eclipse with the PyDev plugin (www.eclipse.org
<http://www.eclipse.org> ) or Microsoft Visual Studio 2017/2019 - yes it can
do Python now although I don't have the exact configuration on hand here.
These are for Windows. To the best of my knowledge the MacOS equivalents
are not as accessible.

The instructor and/or student should be able to find plenty of info on the
web however.

Keep in mind that any text editor is also usable, although having an IDE
that understands the syntax can help with auto-complete and formatting. The
biggest challenge with Python is formatting is critical as indents are used
for defining blocks. One space/tab wrong can and will break the code! So at
a minimum the screen reader should be able to read the cursor location from
the status line. JAWS has some indent reading settings that may be helpful
too; the student should try these out.

In my opinion the easiest way to deal with Python is with a Braille display
to monitor the indent continuously.


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Good day all,

I am working with a student who is completely blind and trying to locate a
software program that will work with Jaws or Voice over. A large focus of
the course that he is taking is writing python programming code. The default
IDLE (text editor) that comes with the Python Windows installation is not
accessible. Do you have any resources that might be able to tell us a good
programming editor that supports Python for the blind?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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