[Athen] Puff and sip solution for NLS player

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Wed Jan 30 14:57:38 PST 2019

I know that individual patrons can get a puff sip switch but organizations cannot borrow such a personal device from NLS.

I've been playing with our Breeze Puff-sip switch

manual here

which I bought when we had a student who needed it. Only the purchase order went through long after she left.

We now have a new student who has neither the use of his hands nor his eyes, so I'm having fun interfacing it with the NLS player. It is a HID-compliant USB device so I took a chance it would work and I was right.

By default it could left and right click; I hooked it up to my PC and it worked just great.

Next, I tried interfacing it with the NLS player which kept saying "unsupported device". I realized I had to make it emulate a keyboard and not a mouse.

So I asked my sighted co-worker Greg to flip dip switch two down. He went in search of a magnifier, because they are itty-bitty but he found one, flipped the switch, I activated the player's learning mode and set it so that puff is play and sip is rewind.

Works great!

For those who have more ddexterity, a simple hid-compliant foot pedal will also work fine. I bought mine from Amazon for $10 and use it for operating the NLS player while cooking or practicing guitar. While cooking, I bop it with my elbow; while guitaring I tap it with my foot.

Please share this with the organizations you serve so we can help others use the NLS player with those who have severe physical limitations.


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