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Agreed. I use screen readers as a baseline of accessibility from which to build on from the accessible document design side.

Cheers, Karen

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Just based on the video that Doug linked and the bit of text on that page, I would say this tool has limited use for evaluating true accessibility of a web page or web-based application. There is much more to accessibility than assuring "JAWS accessibility" and we need to keep reminding designers and developers that screenreaders are not the only AT that is in use, nor do they define what accessibility means for web-delivered materials.

Just this week we met with a software company and part of their design/dev team and one of the key devs was quite familiar with NVDA. That was really nice to see, but they were still missing some important visual accessibility issues as well as overall functional accessibility/usability with their product. Using and knowing screen readers only catches some of the issue. They are key issues, but far from a complete accessibility picture.

-*- Dan

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Hello everyone,

Has anyone ever heard of JAWS inspect or currently using it? I wanted to get some input on this tool by someone who have used it to evaluate Web contents, Web apps, and other contents.



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