[Athen] web accessibility testing which include native screen reader users

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Knowbility has an Access Works program that provides compensated end-users in a given assistive technology for testing as well as their own expert testing. https://knowbility.org
(not affiliated with them in any way other than being an occasional tester in their program.)

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Hi all,

I'm looking for resources that I might point vendors toward when they ask me about web testing.

I have provided several browser tools, how to keyboard test and always ask for the results of their screen reader test. Many do the first but not the second or third and I'd like to be able to point them to a few reliable resources where they can hire folks for testing and then provide us with the results.

I'm pretty sure Deque and perhaps WebAIM offer these services, are there others?


Corrine Schoeb
Technology Accessibility Coordinator, ITS

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