[Athen] Foreign language for blind students

Larry L. Lewis, Jr. llewis at paciellogroup.com
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As a blind, Braille user who has also taken foreign languages, I would say that you are on the right track by providing accessible PDF’s with the appropriate language tags present throughout the documentation. You’ll also want to make sure that the student is using the appropriate Braille tables with JAWS to accurately reflect these Language Changes. His Braille output will need to be set to computer Braille. You can pick a primary Braille Table for the primary language being used, but can then switch to other preferred Braille tables for alternative languages. I’m fairly certain that when JAWS switches to the alternative Language, the alternative Braille table will also be in use. Whereas this individual is deaf-blind, solid Braille Access will be imperative for him to be successful.


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Hi ATHENites,

I’m reaching out regarding any experience you may have with providing alternate format materials for foreign language courses. For Fall 19, we have a deaf/blind student registered for Italian. He uses braille and JAWS and typically requests accessible .pdfs, but I’m wondering if this will be sufficient considering the particular challenges related to learning a foreign language.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated… and feel free to contact off-list at jillian.pfau at montgomerycollege.edu <mailto:jillian.pfau at montgomerycollege.edu> .

Best regards,


Jillian Pfau

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