[Athen] Word for Mac headings question

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
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Most faculty tell me they want a PDF so the student can’t change anything. I remind them that a student changing a faculty-issued document is an honor code violation and should be reported as such, that it isn’t their problem to solve. I also ask them if they’ve ever known of a time when the student changed something and got away with it. Usually none of them have ever encountered a problem. Also, they were usually told by another faculty member to protect their materials by creating a PDF, but there is no real evidence that changing of a Word file by a student is an actual thing or is used often.

Then I remind them that a Word document is ultimately the MOST accessible document for any student, and to just publish in Word whenever possible. Of if they insist, I tell them to post both the Word and the PDF, and the student can pick what they want.

Like Sean said, we still have a looooong way to go. There are rumors, myths, and other obfuscations that make it so much more difficult on us. On the plus side, none of us will be unemployed any time soon!

Susan Kelmer
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> And, Sean, what is the most common response

> when you ask faculty why the want a document in PDF?

Generally, the response has been so that the document can't be changed. That said, I have started hearing lately that faculty are saving as PDF "because they were told it's now accessible."

Still much work to be done...


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