[Athen] Note taking assistance for a student who is blind

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Sonocent is not screen reader friendly in my experience.

And the Sonocent recording app on the iDEVICES shuts off voiceover; no idea if that happens as well on Android with Talkback.

One interesting idea is a StenoMask, what court reporters use when dictating in the courtroom. Instead of recording his lecture, the student would dictate through the soundproof mask to his recorder – it has a mic built in. this way he’s automatically increasing his ability to remember by rephrasing what the instructor says.

Of course any word processor from Pages on the Mac to the notepad in a Braille notetaker will work as well, but I’m sure the student likes the idea of just marking where in a recording something important was said. As a student, I’ve tried this and I always retain more when I myself rephrase what the instructor said, whether I’m speaking or typing that rephrase.
The Heard and epiphany apps, which on iDEVICES record constantly but save the last few minutes when you tap save work great, but are only 32-bit so the modern iOS doesn’t support them. I’m going to check out the other app Robert mentioned.
A print-impaired student should always get a copy of the instructor’s slides, even if the instructor doesn’t normally hand them out. In my job I frequently advocate for this, often reassuring instructors that the slides will only be given to the relevant student. A print-impaired student should never get stuck trying to write down data that’s already in an electronic form.

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Wouldn't Sonocent make more sense? He can tap where he wants to make an audio marker so the recording will skip back to that part. He can take braille notes on his own, or type notes on his laptop for the written portion. It would be a two-part review in either case, but IMHO, Sonocent for keeping track of audio markers + his own set of written notes make more sense to me.

I wonder if there is something more seamless on the Mac system?

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Hi all,

I was speaking to a student who was blind about a Live Scribe workshop I was preparing for. He stated he would like to use one. I tried to explain the visual component of it and asked if a student used one in class to take notes for him, how would he know where on the page to tap for the pen to initiate the audio? I asked why he didn’t like to use a digital recorder and he stated listening to it was like listening to the class twice and the recorder, he stated, would help go to the parts in the lecture he wanted to listen to faster. I am having a hard time with the concept of a student who is blind and the benefits for using a Live Scribe pen.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Is there any other technology that would, in essence, function similarly to the Live Scribe that would be helpful for the student?

As always, I appreciate the feedback I get from this list.

Have a nice week.


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