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I have used the C-Pen products (like your Exam Reader) with individual students, but not at a testing center. As for tips to improve scan quality, most of mine relate to the student’s motor skills. I listed some in my Feb. 8th post on this, in particular (boldface added):

> One requirement is that the student have reasonably good fine motor skills. You have to be able to hold the pen at the correct tilted angle, maintain constant pressure, swipe across words or a line of text at an even speed, swipe in a relatively straight line, and be sure not to miss part of the text you're scanning or overshoot and scan parts of other words.

> ……

> I suggest having the student trial the reader pen with…a straight edge…

Do you mainly encounter certain types of scanning errors — e.g., over- and undershooting the ends of words? Do errors occur mostly when scanning individuals words or entire lines of text? (The latter is definitely more difficult, hence the straightedge suggestion.)

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> Hello all, we are currently trialing the exam reader pen from examreader.com <http://examreader.com/>. Our testing coordinator and I played with it for a while and found that its accuracy is not all that great. We were using a paper with clear text on it - in fact, it was a printout of their getting started sheet. What are the experiences of others on this list who have used this product? Is there anyone on here who is actively using this device in their testing centers? How has it worked for you? From our brief demonstration it seems like it would be more of a hindrance than anything else, but I'm eager to hear others' opinions and maybe some tips for improving the scan quality.


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