[Athen] Opinions on new Livescribe models?

Sorensen, Neal B neal.sorensen at mnsu.edu
Tue Mar 26 08:59:07 PDT 2019

While Livescribe has been very popular for a LONG time, I’m wondering if anyone has tried out other brands of smartpens?

The Neo pens are often well reviewed, and it seems that the direction that Livescribe is going is more similar to what Neo M1 has been doing a few years now. Offering bright colored pens without microphones or screens seems to be the trend. It uses a system similar to dot paper, but uses standard D1 pen refills.

If I were buying a smartpen for my own use, I’d strongly consider this one.

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Hi folks,

Been working with the Livescribe Aeger for several months now.
The pen is nice and light. pretty :D Holds a charge for a couple of days. Recordings are made from your smartphone. Nice app integration; handwriting conversion (even mine!)-to-text is great! Create reminders fairly easy. To integrate with your computer, evernote or other is recommended. It's been a while since I've used the other Livescribe pens to be able to compare.

One client really likes the new Aegir with the planner, sticky notes, etc, and syncs well with Evernote Premium.
Their new paper planner has become my planner but doesn't integration well with a virtual planner. Company says they're working on a better way to have the planner sync with iCal, Google, etc. Moleskin has some "smart" paper writing system like this that is apparently overly complex but can sync a calender; but I have no personal experience with Moleskin, beyond research into these methods of notating.

Best wishes ;)

Chris Johnson
Assistive Technology Specialist
Casper, WY
chris at expressable.org<mailto:chris at expressable.org>

On 3/25/19 5:01 PM, Leyna Bencomo wrote:
I too am considering the Aegir and would welcome any comments from someone with hands on experience. We will probably be buying one just to play with and try out in the near future.

Leyna Bencomo
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Though I don’t yet have hands-on experience with Livescribe’s new Aegir smartpen models, I am familiar with how they work and how they differ from the Echo and Livescribe 3 models.

Other than the obvious physical differences (the Aegirs are thinner, lighter, and more colorful), the Aegir smartpen operates conceptually like the Livescribe 3 model. Whereas the Echo records audio with its built-in microphone and stores both recorded audio and notes on the pen, both the Livescribe 3 and Aegir have no microphone — both must link via Bluetooth to a mobile device (iOS or Android) and use its mic to record audio.

Both the Livescribe 3 and Aegir also stream their captured notes in real time to the Livescribe+ app on the linked mobile device; with the Echo, notes and audio are uploaded later to the Echo Desktop software on either a Mac or Windows PC.

From Livescribe+, handwritten notes can be separated into “snippets” (individual notes) and even converted to e-text (assuming decent penmanship). Individual snippets or an entire page or notebook can be exported to OneNote, Evernote, or other apps. One place where the Aegir will surpass the Livescribe 3 is that Livescribe has promised to release a Windows desktop version of the Livescribe+ app (Mac version to follow). Currently, Livescribe+ is only available on iOS and Android.

Lastly, all three models still need the Livescribe/Anoto microdot paper to work (available in many different forms)..

Here’s a comparison chart for all three smartpens:

Hope this helps,

Shelley Haven ATP, RET
Assistive Technology Consultant

On Mar 25, 2019, at 2:21 PM, Nast, Joseph <Joseph.M.Nast at lonestar.edu<mailto:Joseph.M.Nast at lonestar.edu>> wrote:

I’d also be interested to see if anyone’s given the Aegir a test run. Personally, I was less than enthused about the loss of functionality going from the Echo\Sky to the Livescribe 3.

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After routine disappointment over the display failure on many of our Echo smartpens … I was pleased to see Livescribe has new aegir models.

Has anyone tried these yet? Any pros and cons you’d care to share – as compared to their other models?

I noticed Livescribe brought the price of their Echo pens up as well … which will definitely make it harder to justify when we need new devices. Hoping aegir is a solid addition to their lineup.


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