[Athen] LaTeX Help - WinTriangle comparable?

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Hi John,

Thanks so much for the information and the tip to try the XP version of Wordpad. We will work on getting that going and can certainly report back out to others if anyone is interested.


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Hi, as the developer of WinTriangle, I can tell you that it is based on WordPad. I suspect that the problem with using it on more modern Windows is not so much the OS as that WordPad has been severely dumbed down by MS. You might just try putting the XP version of WordPad into Windows 10 and trying it. It is not a very sophisticated program – I will guess that a UA CS student could make this work.

I continue to be amazed at how often I hear requests for WinTriangle. It was the best we could do at the time, but now blind people can write math that is fully mainstream. But WinTriangle is really much easier to use and very intuitive. It isn’t exactly a mainstream presentation, but any scientist can read it after a two minute review of a WinTriangle cheat sheet.


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Hi all,

We have a visiting scholar who has used WinTriangle in the past for reading LaTex documents since it eliminates a lot of the extra coding information while maintaining the integrity of the equations.

My understanding is that Windows XP is needed to support this process – Yikes! Does anyone know of something comparable that the individual can use to access the LaTex content in a similar manner?

Thank you!


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