[Athen] Funding cuts to Ontario Schools

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Mon May 6 08:08:26 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone:

Just to show you are not alone, our provincial government has announced deep
cuts to education:


And from the Toronto Star:


In our county alone, schools are laying off history and geography teachers
as the mantra is "it is online, we don't need teacher."

I know of one history teacher who has already been laid off as has her
entire history department teaching staff.

With high school students having to take at least four online courses, there
is no provision or support of these online courses to be accessible that I
know of. We do have AODA but with the staffing cuts, who knows what we'll
end up with.

Additionally, there are funding cuts to other programs in addition to the
funding cuts for people with autism which were put in place shortly after
the current government came into office.


Additionally, there has been a complete cut to funding for inter library
loans which adversely affects those of us in rural communities who depend on
our libraries being able to get books from other libraries. This will also
have an effect on education as students in rural communities won't be able
to get research and resource material.



Just FYI.

Cheers, Karen

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