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Cassandra Tex clt3 at humboldt.edu
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HI Peter,

Thank you for the information.

Hypothetically speaking, when you are finished with the re-evaluation and
continue to see very serious accessibility errors, will you renew with an
Accommodation-based Exception again? We did a very cursory review last
year – the timing was rushed among other things. We included language in
the contract last year that has largely been ignored and meaningful
progress toward fixing the few errors we did discover in our
hurried-testing has not been made.

I’m at a loss as to how long we really **want to** and **should** work with
this company…

My university wants to get into a 3-year contract with them, but after
being ignored last year and finding numerous other accessibility errors in
our more thorough testing this year, I’m recommending a one-year contract

I get the feeling from the requesting department that Handshake the only
viable game in town, but I really do not know.

Thanks again!


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Ohio State reviewed it last year prior to it being implemented. We found
much the same, it had a number of serious problems. Currently the tool
operates under an Accommodation-based Exception
<https://accessibility.osu.edu/exceptions> on our campus.

It is currently up for review again, my team isn’t quite finished with the
evaluation yet but once it is finished I would be happy to share the

Our review from last spring is attached.


[image: The Ohio State University]
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Greetings All,

Sorry for the cross posting…

Wondering if anyone has recently reviewed Handshake – a Career Services
platform that is “the college career network helping all students build a
meaningful career – no matter where they go to school or who they know”.

Their VPAT is old (May 2017) and vague at best with their descriptions.
Explanations such as “strives to provide” and “works to ensure” compliance
with WCAG 2.0 guidelines are rampant throughout this old and outdated
VPAT. Our Accessibility Review group is conducting manual testing on a
sampling of pages for their Students, Career Services, and Employers
applications. We are finding some very serious and critical accessibility
errors in our sampling.

I know Handshake is widely used across the country. Universities such as:
Stanford, Colorado State, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Brown, and Johns Hopkins
to name just a few are noted on Handshake’s website. My question….have any
of your campuses reviewed Handshake prior to implementation? What were the
results of your reviews?

Very interested in results if your campus has reviewed Handshake –
particularly if the review has been done recently.

Thanks in advance!

Cassandra Tex

Assistive Technology Specialist

Humboldt State University

tex at humboldt.edu
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