[Athen] What scan read alternatives to WYNN do you all use?

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Wed May 22 09:58:37 PDT 2019

How often are students getting hard copies that need to be scanned? That seems so unlikely in this day and age. As for scanning, you could scan on any copy machine, or flatbed scanner, or sheet-feed scanner. Students can even take photos of pages to use for OCR using WYNN. Kurzweil and Read and Write can use these scans as well.

I don’t believe WYNN, which is owned by Freedom Scientific, has been updated in a while. It is still a decent product, and is still for sale on their site. It sounds like maybe you need an upgrade?

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Hoping to tap into your collective knowledge and experience.

I set users in our Scholars program up with a variety of assistive technology. They get stand-alone systems that they can use for their final years of high school then take on to college.

Early on we used Kurzweil 3000 then moved to WYNN as the latter was less expensive and had similar features.

More recently I'd used WYNN with the Pearl document camera but have been a bit disappointed in the company's ability to upgrade the software. The installer disk shows a 2013 copyright and appears to not be developed to keep up.

I'd had some issues wherein the bundle of WYNN/Pearl weren't playing well together. One official tech support person suggested me downloading the demo of OpenBook and installing that on the same machine so that it would install the proper drivers for the Pearl document camera, something the outdated WYNN disk couldn't do.

Last spring upon running into the same issue and contacting them once again, one support agent said something along the lines of "Wow, I don't think they are going to keep making this product anymore." He had me run some Pearl firmware tool that broke things, had to reverse that then go back to the OpenBook install hack.

I'd like to provide our scholars with something up-to-date that allows them to scan/read on their laptops to carry out the function that WYNN used to fulfill for us.

What would you all suggest as good alternatives for both software and scanning hardware that is lightweight/portable?


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