[Athen] Using Another Audio Source for LiveScribe Pens

Wink Harner foreigntype at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 18:26:37 PST 2019

Tagging on to Shelley's suggestion, perhaps more specifically a music audio engineering student or prof. would be a good choice for figuring out the right connections/connecting devices. Once you have run the trial and error experiments, Sweetwater Music and Sound is a great resource for parts & supplies.

Hope this is helpful.

Wink Harner

Wink Harner

On November 4, 2019, at 5:40 PM, Shelley Haven <ShelleyHaven at techpotential.net> wrote:

Intriguing question.  To my knowledge, there are currently no commercially-available means to do what you describe, but knowing how the various Livescribe pens work, I believe it should be technically possible.

The Livescribe Echo synchronizes captured handwritten notes with audio from its built-in microphone, or one can use Livescribe’s so-called "3-D Recording Headset" (a set of earbuds with built-in stereo microphones).  So one could envision a different stereo microphone plugged into that same smartpen phone jack that just happens to be receiving, say, Bluetooth audio from the classroom audio system.  However, I believe the Echo's phone jack may use a custom pinout, so you can’t just use any ol’ stereo mic connector.

The Livescribe 3 and Aegir smartpens don’t have built-in microphones, so they synchronize notes with audio picked up by the Livescribe+ app running on a Bluetooth-linked iOS or Android device.  Livescribe+ can use audio from the device’s built-in mic or audio from an external mic.  So again, I think it's technically possible to have that "external mic" receive audio wirelessly from the classroom’s audio system.

Just a thought: are you working with any engineering students who might want to figure out how to make this happen? ;-)  (I love doing this kind of stuff but don’t have the time right now.)

- Shelley

Shelley Haven  ATP, RET
Assistive Technology Consultant

On Nov 4, 2019, at 5:15 PM, Schwarte, David M. <schwarte at purdue.edu> wrote:

Hello Everyone,


I have been asked about using a different source of audio for a LiveScribe recording.  Our campus has a system that can record and post audio from instructors in larger classrooms, usually with the microphone  the instructor is wearing.  Frequently in these larger classrooms, LiveScribe users get mediocre to poor audio because of the number of students, distance from the instructor etc.  I know that in Sonoscent Audio Notetaker it is possible to synchronize the recorded audio with the notes that the student has taken, if the student’s audio is not very clear.  Does anyone know if there is a similar feature for LiveScribe?  I don’t have the various types of LiveScribe pens, but it looks like the recordings are all the same format.  If there was one type of pen that would work better we could probably use that type.


David Schwarte



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