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Good day fellow AT Professionals!

It is finally time to make it official. Some of you already know this. Some of you may have even been lucky enough to get personalized (automated as it may be) email notifications. There have been discussions on the list about it as well. This should not come as a large shock to any of us...

It appears that as of November 29, 2019 us AT's will need to look elsewhere for our Inspiration.

Recently a notice went up on the website of Strategic Transitions, the Canadian reseller of Inspiration, stating that "Effective immediately, Strategic Transitions Inc. will no longer be distributing Inspiration Software products in Canada." Other vendors and resellers have apparently received their notice as well.

Those of us in the industry, those of us holding site licenses, and those of us, including our students who are end users, seem to have heard nothing official. Until now...

Here is the latest communication I have from the folks at Inspiration, received earlier today in response to my inquiry on behalf of the over 200 members of N.O.A.T..

Thank you for your email. Inspiration the company is closing as of 11/29/19. As you mention, we've stopped selling Inspiration and Kidspiration, our desktop products, and have no plans to resume. The iPad apps we make--Inspiration Maps and Kidspiration Maps--remain available for purchase in Apple's iOS app store and will likely continue to be available going forward. All installed and serialized/authorized copies of Inspiration and Kidspiration will continue to work as before, though links to web-based resources like Inspiration's symbol search, etc. will eventually stop working when those servers are taken down - Richard Stone, General Manager at Inspiration

Even though I have explicitly asked for an official notification from Inspiration, and I know one exists as others have gotten it, they have said one does not, nor will not exist. In a further email they indicated that "there will eventually be a notice on the web site."

My understanding is that most of those receiving a notice direct from Inspiration are in the UK. I expect the more formalized and controlled government funding programs in the UK require more formal notice of an exit from the marketplace.

With something a bit more formal than an email conversation, it might have been simpler to bring our respective financial aid officers on board with this change. I personally am finding instances where a student previously received funding for Inspiration and is now being declined funding for a replacement. I am being told only upgrades are possible. A continuing dialogue that I trust will positively resolve itself.

Either way, this now confirms the rumours and expected outcome. I hope this information proves useful to the members of N.O.A.T. Your continued discussion, resource sharing and feedback are always welcomed!

On a much brighter note... keep an eye out in the next day or two for details about the IdeaMapper webinar. A definite contender as an Inspiration replacement. You can mark it in your calendars for Friday, November 15, 2019 at 1:30pm EST.

Further webinars and open discussions are also being planned to help us share, compare and educate ourselves about the Inspiration alternatives and other AT topics.

Thank you and take care!

Doug Mantle,
The Network of Assistive Technologists

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