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Hi Maria -

I’ve used Livescribe pens for about 8 years, for personal use in my job. Started with an Echo (which had a built-in mic, didn’t need to connect to my phone) and now have had two Livescribe 3s. I thought about getting an Aegir but it looks to me like the main difference is in its appearance, and that didn’t make a difference to me. I love using it - when it works! - and fortunately, that’s most of the time. At whatever point this one dies on me, I will get the next model.

You have to be pretty tech-savvy and able to troubleshoot when it doesn’t work as it should. Sometimes it won’t pair with my smartphone until I restart the phone. And yes, the Livescribe app has to be open and the phone on, before you can start recording. I developed a ritual, before I go to a meeting, I change the phone settings so that the display doesn’t turn off, and I leave the Livescribe app open. It is definitely a drain on the battery. After the meeting is over, I go back and change the settings back. I’m willing to go through that inconvenience because again, it works great most of the time.

And I know some ATHENers have had frustrating experiences with Livescribe’s tech support, but they have always been very responsive with me, the 2 or 3 times I’ve needed to contact them. My first Livescribe 3 started malfunctioning while it was still under warranty and they sent me a new one.

One thing I like about using the mic in my phone, is that I get far better sound quality than I got with the teeny mic in the Echo smartpen.

Having said all that about my personal use of those pens, I’m kind of amazed that people in higher ed use them to help students with disabilities. I imagine it would require a student who is comfortable with tech, with troubleshooting, and who could be meticulous about setting it up before class, so they wouldn’t end up losing a lecture.

I hope this helps!


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I was reading some of the reviews for the Aegir Smart Pen and some people don't seem very happy with it. I see 2 main complaints:

1. The Aegir relies on the user's smart phone mic to record sound. If the phone goes to sleep, the recording stops. (If the phone stays on it drains the battery). Also if a phone call comes in to the phone, it interrupts the recording.

2. The phone and the pen must be in sync through the app and sometimes the app doesn't work or the 2 devices lose their sync.

Does anyone use the Aegir model? If so, have your students experienced those issues? What is your favorite Smart Pen model? Any other insight you may have is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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