[Athen] inaccessible websites

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Wait wait,

Weather.com is NOT the "national weather" website.

It's operated by a private company that also has The Weather Channel. It
uses the information from the real National Weather Service, which is a
division of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), a US
federal agency that operates the weather satellites and distributes the data
and their forecast information around the globe.

So weather dot com is the private company that does this website
https://weather. <https://weather.com/> com/ it has ads and is not
responsible for its accuracy, timeliness of data, or accessibility.

And weather dot gov is the US government's National Weather Service
http://www.weather. <http://www.weather.gov> gov that can't have ads and is
responsible to use US citizens.

Don't confuse the two.

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I often use https://weather.com <https://weather.com/> as a webpage to
expose my audience to learning how to conduct their own manual accessibility
tests. Graphics are rarely labeled, and form fields are often mislabeled.
Sometimes, heading levels are definitely out of logical order. We can always
find room to complain about the weather, so why not beat up on the National
Weather website???


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Does anybody have a good example of a website that is obviously
inaccessible for JAWS? I'm also looking for an example of a form that is
poorly designed for someone who needs magnification.

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