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Thu Oct 31 12:01:53 PDT 2019

Hi all,

We often have students request voice input/recognition for exam accommodations. We were relying on Dragon until we discovered and implemented the Dictate option within Microsoft Word. The Dictate option worked great because it was easy to find and use, didn't require another software to have open for exams and it worked for pretty much anyone that used it, in a way they are familiar with - turn it on and talk.

Now, for a few hiccups:

1. The plugin for Office 2016 is no longer available and no longer works
2. The option is not available for Office 2019
3. Office 365 has it but Internet access is required to use the feature (as we all know, not a good choice for exam situations).
4. MS says to use the Dictation (Windows Speech Recognition) built into Windows 10 but this still has the same issues with recognition results that I've seen in the past.

So, we are back to the planning stage and wanted to reach out to see what is being used in other units for exams and voice input. Thoughts?


Dawn Hunziker
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