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Scott Marshall marsh058 at umn.edu
Mon Sep 9 17:59:23 PDT 2019

Hey Byron - Hope you're doing well.

We use Arlo cameras
<https://www.arlo.com/en-us/products/arlo-pro/default.aspx> over wifi.
Inexpensive and they have their limitations. They work for what we want
them to do (can monitor 5 at a time on one monitor, using one base
station). If you want more cameras, you need to add a base station.

They're movement activated, battery operated (rechargeable), resolution is
good, easy to set-up and pull footage from if you need to clip footage...So
far, so good.

Network strength and competing devices in the area are key. I might invite
the network signal strength folks over for a walk-through and a discussion
about what you're doing. We're doing that again and finding all sorts of
fun things that we can do to make things more consistent, including putting
them on our internet of things network.

Happy to chat more or answer more questions here.


On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 6:57 PM Kluesner, Bryon <Bryon-Kluesner at utc.edu>

> Hi all,


> My department is fortunate to have 10 testing rooms on the 1st floor of a

> building on campus. I have 2 rooms that serve as AT computer labs, which

> can serve as testing rooms as needed. While we utilize Bomgar, I am curious

> about what other Universities use for camera monitoring of rooms that is

> not priced outrageously!


> Thanks,


> Bryon


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