[Athen] Keyboard focus and layout tables

Khoa Pham kpham at swccd.edu
Tue Sep 17 15:21:45 PDT 2019

Hello everyone,

My apologies if these questions have already been asked.

1. What are the standard or criteria for an acceptable visible keyboard focus indication?

2. Should tables be used to for page content layout such as in Canvas, word documents, and PDFs regardless of the number of table cells used?

I've found that some keyboard focus indications are clear and very easy to see when navigating with the keyboard, while other makes me wonder if they are sufficient enough to be considered accessible. Please see the attached images for examples.

For table layouts, I've seen a few being used with a minimum of two cells to provide an image of an instructor adjacent to the cell that contains their information. Would this be acceptable?

Thanks in advance,


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