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Leyna Bencomo lbencomo at uccs.edu
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I will try notebooks 5-8 from now on. Thanks for that. Sounds like there may be more of them floating around. I do have the bookmarks as well and have passed that around.

Thanks Kevin.

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It just took us 4 weeks to get 30 new Livescribe Echos from out local technology supplier.
When every I buy notebooks, we buy Livescribe notebooks 5-8 they are always the old style with controls on bottom. They also have a smartpen bookmark that is included with the Echo controls on these bookmarks. I take that out and give it to the people who have notebooks 1-4.
Kevin Price
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Hi all,

I have been loaning Livescribe Echo smart pens to students for years. They have worked well for us. Recently, it has been hard to come by the notebooks that work well with the Echo pen. The newer notebooks don’t have all the commands on each page so the students can’t take advantage of slowing down the pace when playing back and jumping back 5 seconds, etc. I finally reached someone at a warehouse who found sample notebooks (full sized) and sold us 100. That will hold us for the next year or two, I hope. Livescribe is no longer making these older style notebooks from what I understand.

If any of you loan out this pen, I’d appreciate you joining me in asking Livescribe to continue making the old notebooks since they are still making the pens! This old pen has a built-in microphone and camera so its an all in one device. Their newer pens must be used in conjunction with a smartphone or laptop or an iPad. This makes it more complicated for the students. They have to have enough memory on their phones and deal with batteries and such for two devices instead of one.

I am caving to the pressure and bought two new Aegir pens to see how they will do. However, I have 43 Echo pens and I hate to give them up just because Livescribe isn’t making the old notebooks. I did also receive some bookmarks with most of the commands on them. Its still not as convenient.

Please let me know if you have another solution.


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Hi all,

New to the list, so I apologize if this topic has already been covered. I currently have students waiting for a smart pen as a note taking accommodation. We have been using the Live Scribe Echo, but when I went to buy more yesterday, every place is sold out. The students have already been waiting for two weeks, thanks to an Amazon shipping error that’s looking more and more like will end up being refunded. With all that in mind I started looking into the Live Scribe 3, but have some concerns, so was wondering if anyone has used that model?

My main concern is the 3 doesn’t have a built in mic, so the student would have to use their phone to record audio. Looking at reviews, the app that goes with the pen is a battery hog, so I’m worried about students having enough phone charge to get through back to back lectures. We could include that access to power as part of their accommodation, but that doesn’t change the fact that the student then has to make sure they have their phone and charger at all times.

Thanks for any input!

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