[Athen] Converting Kindle to PDF via Calbire?

Andrea L. Dietrich adietrich at cornell.edu
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If it’s book they bought through Amazon then it’s probably DRM protected so Calibre won’t convert it by default. There are plugins you can get for removing DRM protection but the legality is not 100% clear so I probably shouldn’t share the details on here. But if you do a search for “Calibre” “DeDRM” you’ll find a lot of information.

Good luck!

-Andi :)

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Hi all,

Hope you are well! I'm writing to see if anyone has used Calibre to convert a Kindle book to PDF. I am working with a student who can only find a textbook on Kindle or paperback, and they need it digitally. (And the delivery time for the paperback is well into midterms!) However, the Kindle format isn't working for the student.

If anyone has used Calibre with Kindle, please let me know! I haven't gotten it to work, but I'm hoping there might be a step or a setting I'm missing. Or if you've got other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks, all. Take care!


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