[Athen] Mathtype question

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Thu Apr 2 13:12:57 PDT 2020

Wait...they did the whole thing in mathtype? They must have had a LOT of time on their hands!!

Or did they do it in LaTex and then converted to Word with Mathtype?

I'd love to see this document so I could play around with it. It would seem something isn't quite right about what they've shared with you. I'd be asking a lot more questions. Even so, why convert to PDF at all? For a sighted student, the visual presentation in the Word file should be fine. For a blind student who can read MathML, the document is already accessible.

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Hi everyone,

We've been contacted by one of our eLearning team members. He is attempting to convert an instructor's Word document to a PDF. The document is for a math course and has many math equations done using Mathtype. The problem is that the instructor didn't just use Mathtype for the equations, but used it for all the content in the document, including text instructions.

The conversion to PDF made quite a mess of things. Is there a way to modify the Mathtype content in the Word document so that only the equations are rendered in Mathtype? The eLearning person doesn't want to have to re-type all the content, if he can avoid it.

Thanks for any ideas.

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