[Athen] OT: seeking an app for my Mom

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Thu Apr 9 11:11:09 PDT 2020

My mom, in her late eighties has worsening macular degeneration. She's stuck inside her apartment and becoming very self-absorbed. She doesn't have the virus!

I'm posting here because the answers can probably help some of our students.

Mom reads email on her iPAD and also the web when email contains links to pages. She also uses Facebook a lot.

She wants an app that "reads to her".

I have previously shown her voiceover - too complicated. I showed her speak screen, but that just reads the screen.

I'm looking for an app that will read her email to her, something with nice big buttons for next message, previous message and delete. Something super-duper easy to learn!

Also does anyone know of atalking browser app for iDEVICES? Again EASY! (We also tried Zoom with Safari and we found that tired her eyes out just as much as using Safari without zoom.)


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