[Athen] Current Adobe Connect Accessibility Challenges

Larry L. Lewis, Jr. llewis at paciellogroup.com
Mon Apr 13 14:00:44 PDT 2020

Oddly enough:

I'll be strategizing with a third-party how to best use Adobe Connect for a
virtual presentation that I'm giving next month; walk-through is this
Wednesday. I'm a vision-impaired user proficient with desktop screenreaders.
I'm sensing that I won't be able to control my own slide deck using the
keyboard, nor read my slide contents. The coordinator of the event asked me
if there'd be someone to help me present my slides and if I could memorize
the slide contents-neither of which is an acceptable solution for me. Yes,
despite our digital accessibility advancements, these sorts of comments are
still made. I have a one on one meeting scheduled with the coordinator of
the presentation this Wed and am happy to share my experiences (both
positive and negative) as I put Adobe Connect through its paces.


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Hi All,

I have a client that is exploring using Adobe Connect5 (among other
platforms for remote training.

Does anyone have any feedback I can share about Adobe Connect in terms of
accessibility challenges low vision, Blind, Keyboard-only and Deaf/HoH uses
may experience when using either the web-based or application version of
this software?

I'm doing my own review of the software (although the turn around time is
very tight for my high-level report). So far it seems exactly the same as
it was when I tested it over 5 years ago when I worked for Indiana

Any help/ feedback appreciated. It will be anonymously share with the


Joe Humbert

Senior Accessibility Engineer
Native Mobile Application Accessibility Lead
The Paciello Group

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