[Athen] More accessibility frustrations

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 19 12:38:09 PDT 2020

I feel your pain! I had to set up a VPN at home,
and the instructions I got from our IT folks were
a bunch of screen shots, with some connecting
text. Stuff like click here -- like the screenshot below shows.


At 04:26 PM 4/9/2020, Deborah Armstrong wrote:

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>I’m visually impaired. I’ve been in a ton of

>trainings this week on remote apps for working from home.


>The audio usually sounds like this “I’m going to

>click on this. Then I’ll open that over here.

>Click on that. Now we’ll go over there and check

>this box. Now I’m selecting this


>I don’t want to hassle my hard-working

>colleagues because they are already stressed.

>Griping about lack of access seems so mean-spirited!


>And I’m pretty good at figuring out stuff on my

>own but it’s such a big waste of my time. And

>it’s so lonely having to always figure out everything all by myself.

>Why can’t people **SAY*** what they are clicking on!



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