[Athen] For Those Campuses Using Notetaking Express (NTE)

Cassandra L Tex cassandra.tex at humboldt.edu
Thu Dec 3 09:02:07 PST 2020

Hi All,

Sorry for the cross posting…for those of you using Notetaking Express (NTE)
to provide notes for your students, I would love your opinions on the

We have slowly implemented NTE for notetaking when we have been unable to
secure a peer notetaker for a student. I am currently managing notes from
NTE for 14 classes. I pull down the Zoom recordings, send them to NTE, get
notified when the notes are ready, download the notes, and then deliver to
students via a shared folder on Google drive. It is a bit cumbersome, but
our staff is stretched thin, and we don’t have the resources to train
students to do this independently right now. In addition, students only
have links to Zoom sessions…with NTE, you need to upload audio or video –
which I have access to as an administrator for Zoom.

Here’s my issue….in NTE you select the turnaround time you want (24, 48 or
72-hour turnaround). This not only lets the notetakers know how quickly
the notes should be completed, but NTE uses this setting for invoicing. We
have selected the 24 hour turnaround time.

There are times when the notes are not completed within the 24 hour
turnaround time, and my argument is that we should not be charged the
premium cost if the notes are not delivered within the 24 hour timeframe.
NTE knows exactly when the video/audio was uploaded, and they know exactly
when the notes are completed and the email sent indicating the notes are
ready. The invoicing should be based on these timestamps, not on the
turnaround-time setting selected (in my opinion).

Of course, if students were doing this independently, we would not know how
often NTE does not fulfill the notes within the 24 hour timeframe because
they would not take the time to note the times for the various steps. I
have actually taken the time to note the various timestamps along the way.
In the beginning of the semester, NTE was pretty good with sticking to the
24 hour timeframe. In November, however, 73.5% of the videos uploaded did
not adhere to the 24 hours, and in many cases, took longer than 72 hours.

My questions for those of you using NTE:

· Were you aware that the setting for turnaround time is also used
for invoicing?

· Do you think the pricing charged to your university should be on
actual time it takes for delivery of notes or based on the initial setting
for the turnaround time?

· Does it concern you that you are being overcharged by NTE if the
notes are not delivered within the desired timeframe?

o It may not seem like a lot, but if you add up one or two classes here
and there, multiply by the number of students you have using NTE and then
think about the all universities across the country using NTE…the figure
seems quite significant to me.

Curious about your thoughts and opinions…



Humboldt State University
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