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Tue Dec 8 12:21:46 PST 2020

A drastic change has been announced regarding the future of Dragon NS as
assistive technology in the near future. NOAT technology association is
sponsoring a webinar with Nuance execs coming up soon to discuss the impact
Nuance's proposed changes will have for the product and its availability.
The upshot is that Nuance has announced they're moving away from a
stand-alone individual license for laptops/desktops and only offering the
cloud-based subscription version of Dragon Anywhere.
MHO is that this does not serve the disabled community or the community
with spotty, unreliable, or non-existent internet/wifi access and I've
written in as part of a national petition of DSS service providers to
demand (request strongly) that Nuance continue to offer downloadable single
user laptop or desktop options.
If you and/or your colleagues want to learn more about this and want to
have the chance to speak up to Nuance directly, please join in on this
FROM NOAT: The Future of Dragon as Assistive Technology
Recently Dragon has been in the AT News, rumoured to be making substantial
changes to their products and pricing. If implemented, these changes would
have an immense negative impact on those we support.
Join The Network of Assistive Technologists as we welcome Jamey Klein,
Account Executive, Dragon Enterprise Sales, Mike Millward, Senior Dragon
Product Manager, and Ed McGuiggan, General Manager of the Dragon
Professional & Consumer business.
Jamey, Mike, and Ed will be addressing these recent rumours, discussing our
concerns, as well as reviewing the Dragon product roadmap and collecting
overall feedback to help shape the future of Dragon.
All members of the Assistive Technology Professionals community are invited
to join us on Friday, December 11, 2020 at 1:30pm Eastern.
For full details and to register, please visit the N.O.A.T. Events Site.
We look forward to seeing you online Friday, December 11, 2020 at 1:30pm

Wink Harner
Accessibility Consultant/Alternative Text Production
The Foreign Type

Portland OR
foreigntype at gmail.com

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