[Athen] Comprehensive Audio described movie audio archive

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Sun Dec 27 12:38:52 PST 2020

I forgot to mention
a podcast of public domain movie audio with descriptions.

She has a few video podcasts as well, but most are audio only.

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No telling how long this page will be around:

but it appears this guy has collected the audio description track from numerous movies. There is no video; if there were, the page would be clearly not legal.

I post this because someone on this list occasionally is searching for the audio description for a film shown in class. If you have a visually impaired person who needs to access the audio description, try searching this page.

The official and more likely to stick around source is:
which lists described videos now to watch on TV, streaming services or purchase on DVD.


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