[Athen] Question about Chafee Amendment and Captioning

Jiatyan Chen jiatyan at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 11 08:32:02 PST 2020

On 10 Feb 2020, at 14:50, Emma Steincross <ecsteincross111 at stkate.edu> wrote:


> Why would an accessible version of a video be limited to only one student, instead of the faculty member being able to use this version for all students?

On 11 Feb 2020, at 07:13, Butler, Brandon (bcb4y) <bcb4y at virginia.edu> wrote:


> • Does the law permit us to create an accessible version of a work for a qualified student?

The keyword is *qualified* student vs all students. This student have to be qualified by your DSOs, and the law is clear on their rights.

Brandon, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank your effort and insights in the ARL white paper. It helped me draw some lines (or squiggles ;) ) around different laws covering seemingly similar areas.

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