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Khoa Pham kpham at swccd.edu
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Robert and Stephen, Thank you getting back to me. The thing is there will be times when it's a table without <th> and the screen reader would still announce that the user is in a table with so many rows and columns.

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Hello Khoa

I think the problem is if the table is not marked up with <th> then the screen reader assumes it is a layout table, not a data table and will not allow the user to use standard table reading commands. I guess Layout tables were so common that screen reader manufacturers were kind of forced in to this approach even though it enables bad web design.

I hope this helps
Stephen Alex Marositz
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Hi everyone,

Recently when I've used NVDA or JAWS to test a page, either on Canvas or OU Campus, I notice it does not detect or announce that I'm currently focusing on a table's contents. The table does not have the proper html mark-up such as <th> or caption. If it does then the screen reader recognizes the table and announces it. I've created my own table with no mark-up in both platform and came out with the same result.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't screen readers supposed to announce when you're in table regardless if they are marked up with a table heard or not? I've made sure all my screen readers are up to date already. Thank you in advance for your input.

Khoa Pham

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