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Turay, Jeanna jturay at ccu.edu
Wed Jan 8 14:41:28 PST 2020

Sure. One of our main pain points is in the accessibility of the Box feature annotation within our LMS. We integrate Box into our grading in Blackboard. Box offers our faculty the ability to point and click and insert a comment on a student's paper wherever they click. It leaves a blue comment box that indicates to the student a comment was made at that point in the paper. To view the comment you have to click on the blue comment box. Our students who are blind are not able to "view" the point annotated feedback so they are not aware when changes are suggested to their papers.

There is no way to download the paper and see any suggested changes.

We have several students who are blind and we have a workaround with downloading the papers to Word and having track changes on. It would definitely be more convenient if the annotation feature in Box was accessible to screen readers.

Jeanna Turay
Student Services Coordinator
Office of Student Success
College of Adult and Graduate Studies
Colorado Christian University

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Hi all,

Box.com has reached out to us to have a conversation about accessibility. They are looking for "input on best practices and insights on other pain points that end users may have with our accessibility experience".

I thought it might be beneficial to crowd source some pain points you and your students might be experiencing. Is there something you'd me to bring up?

Jiatyan Chen

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