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I have used Teams extensively on the Mac with VoiceOver. For the most part it works. That said, there is a lot that can happen in Teams beyond just chat and messages, so if you have an idea of the sorts of things the class uses, I can try and provide additional details.

Also, your student can email edad at microsoft.com <mailto:edad at microsoft.com> for assistance. That is Microsoft’s enterprise Disability Answer Desk. The charter of that part of the company is to assist educational, business, government and NGOs with accessibility support. Visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/enterprise-answer-desk for more details.

Depending on what they do in the class, your student may want to choose options that allow work in the full desktop apps. For example, when working on documents, Teams offers the ability to edit them in Teams, edit them with the Online versions of Office apps or open them in the full desktop apps. You are best to pick these options in the reverse order I’ve listed them.

There are documents talking about using Teams with a screen reader for the various platforms where the app is available. Here is a link to the Mac getting started <https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Use-a-screen-reader-to-explore-and-navigate-Microsoft-Teams-47614fb0-a583-49f6-84da-6872223e74a0#PickTab=macOS> documentation.

Note, although I am replying here from my personal address, I am a long-time Microsoft employee, returning to the company in a fulltime capacity next week so am between Microsoft email addresses just now.


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I have a blind student who uses voice over on her Mac. She is signing up for a class that uses Microsoft Teams extensively. Does anyone know if it is accessible in that platform? I will dust off my old Mac laptop and update it and download Teams and test it if I must. Just thought I’d ask first in case someone can save me some time!

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