[Athen] Powerpoint, screenreaders and text boxes

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Thu Jan 30 14:16:36 PST 2020

Well, that’s interesting! NVDA is always making advancements, unlike Jaws, and they may have solved this puzzle.

However, if a screenreader user is using Jaws, then there will still be a problem as Jaws won’t read (or even see) those text boxes.

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I've been playing around with PowerPoint (2013 for Windows) and NVDA. It's always been emphasized not to use text boxes and instead to use the slide layouts but I notice that NVDA reads the text boxes without problem although you may need to rearrange the order in the selection pane. I can see that the text boxes are missing from the outline view but I can't see to get NVDA to read that pane in any case.

Does the admonition against text boxes still apply?


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