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Okay, now that I’ve reread your message, you aren’t talking about MS Teams. Sorry for the confusion. <blushing face>

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I haven’t found that functionality in Zoom itself but I use Otter.ai which integrates into Zoom. There is a free Otter.ai account that gives you 600 minutes a month. I just signed up for the paid Otter for Teams as it gives participants a button in Zoom where they can view a transcript and highlight parts of it then isolate the parts they highlighted…so they can in effect use it for some sort of note taking.
I think with the Otter for Teams you can still use the basic Otter.ai functionality and get a transcript but I haven’t tried that yet…still experimenting.
They recently changed the Otter for Teams licensing so I can now get a one user Otter for Teams and since I am the only one in my company, this is more cost effective. Participants can still access the Otter.ai Live Notes which is as I described above…but I don’t have to have more than me in the account. 😊
Cheers, Karen

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Subject: [Athen] Zoom Aauto speech recognition

Hey all,

I’ve heard that there is an auto speech recognition feature in Zoom. I cannot find it. Can somebody tell me where it is? I’d like to use it to get a draft transcript for captions.

Robert Lee Beach, Assistive Technology Specialist
Kansas City Kansas Community College
rbeach at kckcc.edu<mailto:rbeach at kckcc.edu>
I am currently working from home. Please leave a voice message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Email is probably the quickest way to reach me.

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