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Hi Glen,

Thanks for that information! I've been out of the HTML coding game for
awhile, so I greatly appreciate it and will pass it along.

Stay well,

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On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 3:55 PM glen walker <glen.walker at gmail.com> wrote:

> There is no WCAG rule about links being close to each other. There is a

> "best practice" that it's nice to combine links that are adjacent that go

> to the same destination, but *not* doing that is not a WCAG failure.


> I assume you're talking about the "cards" section on that sample page?

> Such as "Our Research", "Who We Are", "College of Engineering", and

> "Community Design Center".


> Technically, the cards are ok and don't have WCAG problems. From a

> usability perspective, having each card be 3 or 4 tab stops might not be

> the best. ("Office for Sustainability" is 6 tab stops).


> I'm not a designer but I would probably make the entire card a big link

> with the link name being "Our research", "Who We Are", etc. Then use

> aria-describedby on the link to point to the paragraph of detailed text.


> Your current code looks kind of like this:


> <div class="panel">

> <a>

> <h3>our research</h3>

> </a>

> <div>

> <a>detailed paragraph text</a>

> <a>learn about our research</a>

> </div>

> </div>


> I would probably do something like this:


> <div class="panel">

> <a aria-labelledby="heading" aria-describedby="details">

> <h3 id="heading">our research</h3>

> <p id="details">detailed paragraph text</p>

> <p>learn about our research</p>

> </div>

> </div>

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