[Athen] LaTex and Accessibility - I need some help

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For sure MathML is the way to go!!!

In the WordToEPUB tool, MathML is supported. Some of the EPUB Reading Apps faithfully present MathML visually, and Assistive Technology, like Jaws and NVDA can also access the MathML.

There is also an experimental feature in WordToEPUB That is LaTex to EPUB, which is so cool, you would not believe it. This is the future for those professors in the Math department that are married to LaTex.

We at DAISY are working on an EPUB and MathML test file that looks at a range of MathML approaches, and we expect to make a set of recommendations to publishers in the next few months.

If you want to get involved, email, kerscher at montana.com <mailto:kerscher at montana.com>



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Have you looked at MathML? It's for HTML, not PDF, but you get better accessibility features from HTML.


The actual spec is https://www.w3.org/TR/MathML2/overview.html but that's pretty heavy reading.

I've used MathML in HTML and viewed on iOS devices and it's pretty cool. Here's an example - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/MathML/Examples/MathML_Pythagorean_Theorem

If you have an iphone or ipad running ios 12 (it seems to be broken in ios 13), then it's nice how you can navigate to the formula as a whole and then drill down into different elements of the formula.

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The time I have dreaded has finally come!

I have been trying to sort out/understand all of the different information on how to help faculty make math formulas accessible in their course documents. Between all of the conflicting/outdated information, lack of experience with different math tools and a general mental block when it comes to math, I have not been terribly successful.

Today, I was approached by a math instructor who wants to make his materials more accessible. He uses LaTex in PDFs for his tests and handouts. I know that PDFs don't handle equations properly but am stymied on the best option to suggest for him to still be able to use LaTex but in an accessible way.

Any advice or suggestions on how to help him would be greatly appreciated. I am so thrilled to be starting to make those voluntary inroads and I want to make sure that I am giving him the best advice/support possible without adding huge piles of work to his plate.

I am so grateful to have all of you awesome folks to turn to when I hit the muddy waters...



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