[Athen] Copyright law woes

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Fri Jun 12 16:07:38 PDT 2020

So here's a typical scenario: instructor posts a reading assignment on Canvas today that's due by middle of next week. The instructor grabbed a literature anthology off her shelf at home, scanned a few pages and posted a PDF.

There's no time for the poor student to get me the material to convert to an alternate format. I just got a panicked email from a student in just such a situation.I told her to have the instructor either email me the scan or email me the source information.

The adjunct faculty is especially bad at this; instead of having all their materials ready at the start of the quarter they randomly post things on canvas as the due dates come up.

Now if it wasn't for copyright law, I'd simply send the ebook of the entire Norton anthology of literature to the offending instructor, tell them to lift the relevant readings from the ebook and post their own accessible copies.

But copyright law actually prevents me from doing this.

And most instructors don't have the book so they either have to type it in by hand or post a picture of a page.

We can scream as much as we like about accessible content but no instructor wants to spend the extra hours typing things in.

And it is impossible it seems to get them to stick to just one textbook and assign all their readings from there.

I wish we could either force them to stick with one book instead of pulling readings from hither and yon or force legal entities to disregard copyright!

We have all this training on how to create accessible content but the elephant in the room is that they ***DON'T*** create their own content. They pull it from everywhere!


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