[Athen] McGraw-Hill Connect with text to speech

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Wed Jun 17 07:59:28 PDT 2020

My advice is to engage the instructor's department director. His concerns are not valid, and he is placing additional barriers.

*Please note: I am currently working remotely, so can be reached by email, Teams, or by cell at 303-475-7447.*

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I have a Prof who is insistent that McGraw Hill Connect math tests are the best because they pull random questions from a large test bank and diminish the students' ability to cheat. My student needs text to speech and I'm finding that some of the questions are not readable in an accurate way. Last semester, I downloaded a test and converted it to Word for her to access using Read & Write and Equatio. This semester there are three tests and I'm going to have to do the same. The Prof is not happy because he is worried that the material might be "getting out there."

Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks all.

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Subject: [Athen] McGraw-Hill Connect and Screen readers

I got two questions today from different colleges about this.

Basically we're wondering how screen reader accessible the offerings from McGraw-Hill connect are. One person asked about a foreign language textbook and another about an intro to business book. Neither had the exact textbook names because instructors are still making adoption decisions for Fall.

But, I know that Connect is a popular choice for online instruction because the material is integrated in to connect - textbook and exercises are not separate entities. And I also know it interfaces easily with Canvas.

Any information and opinions would be great.


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