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Marshall S. Bryant bryantm at seminolestate.edu
Thu Oct 1 04:52:02 PDT 2020

We will have a possible student that will be requesting braille so I am trying to be proactive in their needs. Apparently, their vision is low enough that they have learned braille and there is also some hearing loss. They are working with DBS at the moment, so I want to assume they will need and will request all braille. My concern will be books and math since they are entering into the adult high school part of our college. Currently, we are using a Viewplus Max embosser with thier conversion software (word add-in) to convert to braille. What software do you all recommend to convert books from Accesstext (which is mostly pdf's) to braille? In the past, I used to convert books to DAISY with a software called Dolphin Publisher. I see they has Easyconverter that will convert to Braille, but the cost is a little high. What other software's are out there to do the conversions?
I know I can use abbyfine and turn everything into word documents. If we need to outsource, who is recommended and what are the costs associated with it?
For math. we do have mathtype, but I know that can be a long and tedious process.
I know LearningAlly has audio books, but I haven't requested books in a while since they usually do not have current textbooks.
Any thoughts or directions?

Thank you,

Marshall Bryant
Adaptive Technology Specialist
Seminole State College of Florida
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