[Athen] Seeking math accommodations for a student who cannot handwrite

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I highly recommend learning what tech he currently uses. If he is non-verbal, he's likely using some form of AAC (alternative or augmentative communication device). It might be possible to load up math symbols into that so that he can choose among them to build up equations.

Also, do you know what math classes in particular? I could see geometry being particularly cumbersome given that a lot of it does involve sketching out figures and shapes.

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I wanted to have some feedback for this brand-new student's counselor. I don't choose accommodations myself but I help out.

Student has no mental, learning or visual disabilities. But he's severely physically limited and cannot handwrite. I'm fairly sure he's nonverbal as well, so Dragon isn't an option.

We continue to shelter in place so he'll have to learn remotely.

He passed three courses in summer that required reading and answering multiple-choice quizzes because he has a computer with appropriate accommodations. (I'm not sure what he uses, but apparently it works fine for him to read and check boxes online.) He just finished high school, so summer, when much of our staff was on leave was his very first college experience.

I've been corresponding with his upset mom who says he failed math because it required him to be able to write by hand, which he cannot do.

I'm trying to get them to talk to his counselor and our access technology specialist instead of me, but I'd like to have some accommodation ideas for all of us.


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