[Athen] Accessible Digital Content - Still Need PDF

glen walker glen.walker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 07:13:48 PDT 2020

As others have mentioned, a PDF can be generated but keep in mind GIGO -
garbage in, garbage out. If the source of your PDF is not semantically
marked up, your PDF will not be semantically marked up.

So if you have a word doc, make sure you use the heading styles for all
your headings, use real bulleted or numbered lists, mark the first row of
your tables as the heading, give your document a title (via File > Info),
give all images an alternative text (or mark as decorative), etc. You can
also use the accessibility checker in word (via File > Info > Check for
Issues > Check Accessibility). See

If your source is HTML, do the same as a word doc, using headings (<h1>,
<h2>), lists (<ul>, <ol>), tables (<tr scope="col">, <tr scope="row">),
title (<title>), image alt text (<img alt="description">), etc.
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