[Athen] Chromebook question

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Wed Sep 30 16:35:13 PDT 2020

Thanks everyone for the help. It seems like there should be no problem for an attached word file to simply open in google docs - or to be moved over to one-drive from a chromebook.

I'm glad that people on the list confirmed this because the chromebook is in my office and I'm sheltering in place so cannot test.

Turns out this student thought she was getting an MP3 file. Just a very new student who apparently only got Mp3 files as an accommodation in high school. Apparently pushing the play button was her only skill!
Wish high schools would attempt to give them at least a bit of computer literacy.

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We don't use Chromebooks at all in our college; we're strictly Office 365. In fact we are discouraged from using the desktop office clients, but I use them anyway.

One of my students says she cannot open the Word files I've sent her - attached to emails on a Chromebook. We do see students coming in from high school who only have Chromebooks.

Is there any reason a Chromebook couldn't open a Microsoft Word doc prepared with the desktop version of Word 2016?

What else should I know about providing alt media to students who use Chromebooks?


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