[Athen] Accessible alternative to Kudoboard?

Sean Kugler Sean.Kugler at nau.edu
Fri Apr 16 12:12:04 PDT 2021


I do not have an alternative, but our team was recently provided with the following update from Kudoboard.

# Accessibility Items Already Completed

on board and kudo creation flow:

* added labels for screen readers for icon-only buttons

* added labels for screen readers to form inputs with inadequate text labels

## Will be completed within 1 month

* fix screen reader labels on our dropdown menu component

* address concerns for those with "prefers reduced motion" browser setting (no animated gifs)

* broader audit of the site outside of the board and kudo creation flow

I do not know if they have completed any of this work as I have not been back into it to test.

I look forward to other responses with accessible alternatives.

Take care,

Sean Kugler, M.Ed.
Digital Accessibility Analyst, Sr.
Disability Resources
PO Box 5633
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

From: Ander Bolduc <boldu004 at umn.edu>
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Subject: [Athen] Accessible alternative to Kudoboard?

Hi folks, is anyone aware of a program like Kudoboard that is accessible (to screen readers, etc)?

Thank you,


Ander Fredin Bolduc
Associate Director | Disability Resource Center
Pronouns: He, Him, His
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