[Athen] Natural-sounding text-to-speech tech?

Paul Nagy pj.er.nagy1 at verizon.net
Tue Apr 20 12:49:50 PDT 2021

Hi Mary,

My mentee in the NFBS&E Cohort has been using NVDA on her Mac, running BootCamp.

I have been developing high school level math exercises for her, that she has been able to read that way.

However, I cannot vouch for how well NVDA pronounces science vocabulary.

Perhaps, you or your student could reach out to her for her opinion about NVDA, running on a Mac, with BootCamp.

She is Vanna Song, and her email address is truewise.8614 at gmail.com.

I myself have used NVDA for math, of course, running on Windows. I don’t have a Mac.

I hope this helps you.


Paul Nagy

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Hi everybody,

I hope you are well! I'm writing to see if anyone has suggestions for text-to-speech tech that:

* Can reliably pronounce science and math content correctly, and
* Sounds as natural as possible.

I'm working with a student who is taking upper division science courses and is struggling with mispronunciation from the computer-generated voices in Kurzweil, Voice Dream Reader, and Voice Over. The student is an iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS user.

In a best-case scenario, the student would prefer a human voice recording, but most of their course materials are not available in audiobook format. I'm working on finding a creative tech-based alternative, and I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have!

Take care,


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