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Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
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Hi Debee. Actually, the PDFS are going to be sufficient, they just need to be run through OCR to make the text readable and turned into Word files. Abbyy would do a good job with this.

PowerPoint would also be readable as well, and the student could use the notes function to annotate with if he would like. However, if he is insisting on Word, the conversion from Powerpoint to Word is not great. For whatever reason, PowerPoint does not really play nice with the other Office apps.

I would suss out a little further exactly what the student is looking for and go from there.

*Please note: I am currently working remotely, so can be reached by email.*

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What's the current thinking on converting slide presentations - especially those with many images, to Word?

Student has meteorology handouts in PDF that were originally slides. We're trying to find out now if they were created originally in PowerPoint, Keynote or Google slides - we cannot tell from the PDF files. Student can see the visual materials well, but prefers to read and annotate in Word. We need to correctly retain the visual elements while still making text that can be easily annotated and read with speech.

I'd like to get the original slides and find a way to simply export them to Word without loosing any information.

Meanwhile my student is opening the PDF files in K3000, but she's not a happy camper.

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