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I am from a small college, and while we do not have a formal policy, I have
done some O & M with our blind students. Because of our size I have been
able to develop relationships with our students and whenever a need
arises discuss with them what they would like trained on, when to do it,
how to do it, etc. The only thing that has been a bit of a struggle is
scheduling training during times where spaces are not heavily occupied so
the student can feel comfortable exploring as they wish.

I am also not trained in O & M, so I rely on the students to tell me how
they want to go about it. Everything from where they want to start to what
information they want about the space came directly from them.

Has anyone here used Beacons to convey information to their blind students?
I pushed for these this past year as a way to give directional information
and other Covid changes that were visual cues but wasn't able to get it
approved. I am considering trying again for fall.This article
gives a decent overview of how beacons can be used, although it's a bit
outdated. Wayfindr <https://www.wayfindr.net/>is current and has lots of
awesome information on the more technical aspects of beacons.



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> Hello folks,


> Do any of your institutions covering orientation and mobility training for

> students who are blind and don't have any rehab services?


> Thanks for any input you might have!


> Heidi



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